La verrerie de Biot

Our April table: renaissance green

That's it, it's the last Wednesday of the month

“Thank you April for covering us with your sons, for making us sail to your islands and throughout your subtle days, for reminding us that it was quite useless to oppose our “buts” to you!! “, then that time flies and you know it… May always ends up arriving! »

The Duchess Chronicles

Once a week, the Duchess reads you a filmed column on a free subject that is close to her heart.

Who is Duchess Milouin?

Aggregated version of Martha Stewart for business, Nadine de Rothschild for good manners, Gwyneth Paltrow for adventure and Iris Afpfel for eccentricity, Florence gathers in her, all smiles, what is serious, know-how, kindness, freedom and eccentricity.
Citrus fruits
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Discover our selection

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