On the uniqueness of the question, or how to live in Châteauvallon

I always have the impression of being a little more intelligent when the titles of the chronicles resemble those of Tocqueville and I go there all the more in flexibility as the way of attracting the barge rarely outweighs the quality. merchandise in store...

This week I looked at the uniqueness of the question; at this time and only time when one dares, asks, risks, where one puts oneself naked, where one throws oneself into the water… What is she thinking?

There is of course the one, true and only marriage proposal; once, a question, a person, an answer and a yes so that everything changes forever and for the lucky ones until the end; there are also the fire cutters – we never think enough of the fire cutters – who can only once in their life repeat the magic formula to the one to whom they have decided to transmit power.

But there are also all those times when, after hesitating, you decide to go; an invitation to dinner, an outstretched hand to go dancing a frenzied rock dance, a ball on August 15, a message sent, a letter written, a first step taken to meet people; the expression of a sometimes clumsy will. These small risks, these moments when one puts oneself in a vacuum, decide by an act of will asserted to take this turning, this very precise turning and by the same, to change a little the trajectory of one's life.

Dare without worrying, that's what you have to do to make life a little lighter, so ask, invite, hug, kiss again and again... you know it well, you can never blame it people to try, in the worst case you will lose with panache, and in any case, with power and glory, in the murky waters of a look, adventure and passion, you will live in Châteauvallon.