Have they always been old or the category of enochians

I was discussing the last time with my friend Clémence about this category of very special people, that of people who have always been old.

You see what I mean ? Me, just thinking about it makes me laugh.
These personalities are those who – when we were little – were already old and who aged of course, when we grew up, certainly, but who must already have had a head old enough to fit into this category apart from people who no longer age but which remain old...for a long time.

Do you see the difference now? We become old slowly and it takes time or suddenly we are old and we remain so...for a long time.

You will have understood this Chronicle is absolutely not politically correct but popularly funny since it is now necessary to quote names to illustrate these remarks.

For me, the king of the category, the one who perfectly represents this definition, is… Commander Cousteau!
I adore him, on board the Calypso, he's there with his cap and he's always been old.
Frankly, you can't say otherwise, I don't know anyone who met him young. Me in any case, I was born he was already old, then growing up, he stayed like that, old.

I also quote Charles Aznavour, or even Charles Trenet, I am also thinking of Jack Lang, Henri Salvador, Françoise Giroud, Jean d'Ormesson or Simone Veil.

When I started writing the Chronicle I had two or three in mind but when I think about it they pop out like hotcakes. So to formalize this category, I propose to name it, instead of “always old”, “the Enochians”.

Enochian? Tell us Duchess what is Enochien? Well, Enochien is the adjective taken from Enoch, a biblical patriarch, father of Methuselah and great-grandfather of Noah who would have lived 365 years before God called him back to him.

Thus, my category of Enochian personalities will have to coexist with another association that I particularly like, that of Enochian companies, which is called the Henokians – with an H please.

Family businesses of at least 200 years with a capital still majority owned by the family, such as the Billecart-Salmon champagne, since 1818, Peugeot since 1810, the Beretta factory since 1526 or the ryokan – inn – Hoshi , which has been welcoming travelers to Japan in the same family since 717…there it is.

So now that the lap is complete, all we have to do is find a freshly appointed personality in the Enochian category, to lead a company that is at least two hundred years old… I'm not telling you what it will look like!!!