To you my Lucies

Woman-born, little girl, teenager, mum, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, goddaughter, godmother.

Woman-head, project manager, director, boss, teacher, business manager, secretary, accountant, tax auditor, assistant, physicist, doctor, caretaker, nurse, researcher, president.

Housewife, cook, washer, educator, tidy, organizer, carer, loving, cuddly, comforter, ironer, kisser, finder, solver.

Woman-in-love, assumed, languorous, sexual, happy, smiling, eager, surprising, naughty, charming, tactile.
Woman-committed, valiant, courageous, fighter, tenacious, strong, energetic, fearless, brave, combative, reckless.

Woman-all in all, resilient, cerebral, solid, discreet, proud, magician, available, attentive, insightful, intelligent.

We are women, mothers, wives, sluts, activists, bosses, we are all of these at the same time and yet we are only one. We are all of these at the same time, these thousands of facets that make us forces of nature and yet we also need love.

With this end of the year coming under uncertain skies, I wanted to offer my last column of 2022 to you women, almost half of humanity useful and essential to a certain balance.

To you, gentlemen, may 2023 offer you even more chances to take care of us, to tell us how pretty, kind and sweet we are, to love us as we are and to embrace us with our multiplicities.

Women, I love you with all my heart, may 2023 be sweet and happy for you.