April and the sons

How pretty is the sound of April, the they that weave their way around and accompany you from peninsula to island until you forget that you shouldn't uncover yourself with a thread. Since April is here, between March the agile and May the gracious, strikes the time of the fuck-in-town to shoot in Delta-Ville.

It is now that it is clever to feel a little futile, to become mercantile and to hit the bullseye; to look at his navel, which looks like a pistil, because from the center of the pile it is only he who is obsessed.

With Avril, it's useful to finally think about your style, to review your profile, whether you're fragile or a weightlifter. Don't be afraid to be childish anymore because nothing comes close to you and this compilation of wire cutters can only make you more tactile.

Eat crocodiles, wear Damart thermolactyl, color your textiles by listening to your old vinyl records, sharpen your utensils, you will only become more virile. With April the long list of volatile rhymes extends from acetyl to zoophilic; this sound offers the opportunity to let the last threads slide before the arrival of May.

Pisces and other Easters will punctuate this often treacherous month, where hopes for short skirts are interspersed with the return of long coats. Month of poem and agile rhymes, celebrating Ovid who dedicated this fourth month of the year to the honor of Venus. “You know, Venus, that the poet and the month are yours”.

With gentleness and perhaps nostalgia, let's take a moment to think back to the time when April left the tone and the freedom to speak live and for real, to Venus and the deities.