Fantastic Ballistic Bertrand

Do you remember Plastic Bertrand? I've always asked myself the question of when, when one embraces a career as a singer like this formidable Roger François Marie Jouret, his real name, one can choose to be called Plastic?

Making this aristocratic choice even though this dear Plastic was an anagram close to Voltaire… for those who don't have it… François-Marie Arouet by his patronymic name, is an artistic gesture to say the least. Regardless, courageous and voltaire, Plastic leads a career of which he does not have to be ashamed, since success hovers for him in the 80s. super soft rubber and who were fans of latex, a question of reflex, you might say. Even though Plastic and Elmer don't care about the sixth continent, North Korea launches a ballistic missile. But what is a ballistic missile?

Duchess in Chief of the Armed Forces explains academically. Ballistics is the science of the movement of projectiles. Historically, mathematical reasoning applies to arrow shots, then artillery and over the years to all things that are projected. I spare you the arithmetic reasoning and all the folkloric physics logos to retain only three synthetic steps.

Step one I pull, it's panic, I leave gravity, it's the dynamic force that orients. Step two I'm floating, it's ecstatic, I'm in suspension. Stage three, gravity recovers, it's catastrophic, I come crashing back to earth.

So a ballistic missile is a projected missile in the generic sense. But if I understand that it's acrobatic, it's also analytical, the missile is therefore a transport device but not a weapon. This curve therefore, anti-seismic, is a phantasmagoric way of understanding a scientific phenomenon.

So when the mosquitoes leave for exotic lands, let's not be frantic with catastrophic news and imagine an anti-toxic missile, with kimchis in it... let's stay poetic.