blue like you

Atlas, who wears it, would he have seen it blue? Still, the world would have had to have a color...

Is the world blue? Not sure...The planet is blue; yes, that everyone knows it, the sky, the oceans, the sea… And the world then?

The world is blue like you, after all it's you that matters, like all these variations of human beings, these shades of blue in the soul that take up the primary story like the three colors of which it is a part.

Kie ślowski had decided otherwise, instead of primary green, he preferred white to celebrate these three colors; because blue is multiple, between azure and ultramarine it shades and knows how to protect wonders, like lapis lazuli, a passion of the Medici and great men for 7000 years.

So that's it, the world is blue like us because it knows what the day owes the night ; it sets the oil on fire; he enters the navy; he writes on the slate and finds himself in a cart ; it comes from France or Berlin , from teal or from Prussia , why not even Egyptian . The blue goes up in smoke and disappears far on the horizon , beyond the ultramarine , where the aquamarines become celestial .

Be that as it may, the blue is always a little frosty , that's surely what makes it electric and what makes the current flow with Klein or Majorelle who from heaven know it, they were not mistaken. So with spring just celebrated yesterday, get ready to breathe lavender , forget about periwinkles and immerse yourself in duck blue, taking advantage of the latter's hydrophobia so that everything slips on your feathers, except the happiness of sky blue. .