Francky Vincent or apathetic passion

Big, big admiration for Francky Vincent and these titles always without filter and without limit, except that of having fun.

Obviously, I love “Fruit de la passion”, better known by its refrain “Vas-y Francky c'est bon…”; I love when he says “Honey, you give me your passion and I think it's fabulous”.
But what is Francky's passion? The song for sure.

Robert, the little one, who makes definition his passion, presents it as an “intense and irrational affective state that dominates someone”. It's still strong as a definition, don't you think? : an emotional state imposing enough to dominate a person.

I think I've always admired that. Someone who has always known what he wants to do, as if he were inhabited. It's so easy to understand, isn't it? “No matter the obstacles, I will be an anesthesiologist”; “Me, since I was little I always wanted to be a criminal lawyer”; “I would have liked to be Olympic champion, I did not succeed but at least by being a ski teacher I live from my passion…. »
Oh, how wonderful that these settled and forged speeches.

So if I had been one of the enthusiasts, I would have enjoyed sharing on this subject, but I arrived on earth without an object… a bit like an apathetic emotional state dominating reason.
This lack of passion has long been a defect, however, over the years, to read, to share but above all to mature, I understood that passion was not the only axis around which we could build, yes, with the "new axis effect", you change your deodorant and look at your life differently... wow, I lost myself...

Ha no; we look at our life through the filter of skills. SKILLS ? Passions? Tell us Duchess… what is your invention…
Well look:
- passion is like a silo, a field of expression for vertical talent (sport, law, music, medicine, etc.)
- competence, it must be considered that it is transversal, that it is exercised in all silos depending on what you are: I am structuring, developer, commercial, creative...

As such, it is easy to understand that if you know your skills well, you can exercise your profession independently of the chosen field of expression.

Thus, a man whose skill would be "commercial", and who was already selling his Pokémon cards in the schoolyard, will tomorrow be able to sell skis, subscriptions to legal newsletters, cellos or even medical patents...

Understanding this has helped me a lot, allowing me to take a place next to the enthusiasts and since I can't find an end to this Chronicle, well I'm ending it like this!!