Fruits of chance or vegetables of determinism

I have been asking myself for a very long time whether it is man who chooses his life paths or whether it is life that imposes them on man.

Great philosophical question, isn't it? Who unfortunately did not wait for me to find an answer. The greatest geniuses have looked into the subject, from Spinoza to Freud via Valéry or even Sartre, each with different opinions and sometimes highly antagonistic positions.

At the head of my duchy, I offer you another way of looking at this vast subject so as not to get lost in it.
As such, let's start from the expression "fruits of chance", or in other words providence, fate, coincidence, hazard...

Let's start from the fruit of chance then and create in opposition the first vegetable of determinism because if the fruits propose to be hazardous I suggest to the vegetables not to bother and to proclaim themselves determined.
Strawberry if you don't know where you are going, take care, zucchini her, do not emit any doubt.

And why not ! Because it is the way of life that matters to me here and with it the questions that every day he carries within him.
To help me understand, I often refer to the Shadoks, formidable philosophers before the eternal who explain chance and determinism in their own way. I quote "" by dint of trying you end up getting there so the more it fails the more chance it will work". What geniuses these Shadoks!

From there, I believe, as I got older, I understood that life always offers us similar paths and similar situations that push us to choose a path, often the same. These questions of life that come back again and again and again, sometimes identically, other times with more disguised forms, come up again and again, and this, until we understand that we are free to choose another way to respond.

By making this choice, then, a new path opens up where everything is different, leading perhaps at last to the “proper” life of Montaigne. Being in your place, modestly happy, cultivating your garden thus becomes a certain form of happiness to be achieved. To do this, eat good people, the fruits of chance and taste the vegetables of determinism as long as you do not miss the main course of your life, the one which consists each day, with enthusiasm and courage, in deliberately choosing be happy. So bon appetit!!