Tribute to Jean-Michel Apeupres

With my husband - because I am now a Duchess married to a Duke, Grand, Duke - this summer we explored a region of France in a motorhome.

Yes, my good lady, the Duchess is slutty - which gave us the chance to discover different campsites, including a four-star one. During our night there, a concert was organized, moreover brilliant and the group took again the tubes of the Sixties at our days.

The singer often confronted with English, began to sing in yogurt. For those who don't know what “singing in yoghurt” is, illustration “fist ouch waze ouch waze petefed…” (note: Gloria Gaynor and her fabulous I will survive) and all of this with great flexibility.

I found it absolutely brilliant and it gave me the immediate desire to pay tribute to Jean-Michel Apeuprès. Jean-Michel Apeuprès, it's me, it's you, it's everyone, necessarily at some point in his life.

He is the one who wants to shout with the supporters the last name of the football player who is leaving the field, but who does not know him or not well or not well enough…and who goes “Youri Wawawaef”; it's obviously the one who sings in a club at the top of his voice with his pots, who approaches the girl he likes and who, without wanting to let go of the rope, sings "and you hit hit hit it's your way of loving..."... Finally, it is he who has heard a word - recently - who has understood its meaning - intelligently - and who wants to reuse it - opportunely - but not quite correctly - certainly - "no, but it is an intrinsic quality" …

It's never far eh we agree, but that's never good either. Jean-Michel Apeuprès hides in each of us and I wanted to pay tribute to him, because in addition to being touching, he comes to celebrate risk-taking, the one that takes us out of our comfort zone, sometimes driven by enthusiasm. a bit too ambitious which can lead to stumbling.

So the next time you meet them, I'll let you remember that our children are or have been potential Jean-Michel Apeuprès - you don't need any example - and that we find that more touching than usual.

Do your best therefore, Messrs. Pivot and other Master Capelot, to rediscover this same tenderness towards all the brave try-outs who pass by… but never far anyway.