my man day

My last column of the year 2022 was dedicated to Lucie, the mother of all women and to you, women, whom I love with all my heart.

Taken by surprise by an exercise already carried out, I see myself forced to take the opposite view of this exceptional day of March 8 and to write to you, to you, men, some dedicated lines. So for you fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, lovers, best friends… a thought of love.

I love men and everything that goes with them so much. I like everything and its opposite, I like that they are old-fashioned and yet modern, I like that they are strong and yet sensitive, I like that they are fearless and yet cry …I love men in every sense of the word, I love men and I love my man.

I like when he holds the door for me, invites me to a restaurant, not as a systematism but as a gift, I like that he serves me water, that he covers my shoulders, that he reminds our boys that we have to take good care of their mom, that he comes home with flowers, that he tells me things about love, that he comforts me, that he is there and may he protect me; I like all these things but I also like when he breaks down and he needs me, that it's hard and he says it, that he doesn't want to and that he assumes it , that he does not know and that he agrees, that he was wrong and that he asks forgiveness, that he understood and that he says thank you, that he is sad and that he let him console him.

The women are multiple, the men too; the love that unites us must thus fill itself with our similarities, untie itself from our opposites and never cease to weave bonds of words, of trust, of listening and of welcome. So on this day of March 8, International Women's Day, I declare my love to you men, the other half of humanity necessary for the fragile balance of our happy cohabitation.

Happy day!