Julien Lepers and the lagomorph

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“I am banned from boats. Never, ever will anyone say my name… I bring bad luck. I am defined as the cousin of the hare, skinny, who spins in English… But what do you want, I believe that my ancestors sank too many warships so I do not blame them for freshwater sailors, to keep my name as secret as Voldemort's. »

I am your children's best friend; soft and really cute, I'm my favorite plush companion to sleep with. I am also an outstanding breeder, capable of taking on new litters every twenty-eight days… Without worrying about paying for the food straws. »

I have 360° vision which allows me to watch for danger and I can jump almost a meter high and almost three meters long. I am the Cofinoga of the little mouse with my teeth growing throughout my life, and I am the fastest at eating, with more than 120 jaw movements per minute... "

I can't vomit because of my smooth esophagus, my tail looks like a pom pom and I'm full of different colors. Our ancestor to all is Garenne, and because he decided - in the 19th century - to hide Easter eggs in the garden, to pay homage to him, every year, I am the one who finds the best hiding places for my friends. chickens while it's the bell that counts. »

I am…I am…I am…