The Creole Company

Christmas is coming in a few days and with it, Santa Claus and those “good kisses from Fort de France…”

Besides, it's funny, I thought they were saying "We're watching TV tonight" and I didn't understand why... but no, the Compagnie Créole turns off the TV on Christmas Eve...

We too turn off the TV as Christmas approaches and bathe in the little nothings that do everything; definitely everything.
Because if tomorrow everything were to stop, or rather, if tomorrow everything stops; what would we like to keep with us, what could we take away, what certainties would still stand.

The existence of Santa Claus? Undoubtedly the look of a child in front of the tangerines devoured by him, in the early morning at the foot of the fireplace… Because if tomorrow everything stops, the only thing that will remain is love. 💖

The love of others, the love of his own, the love of his family, the love of people.
To love is essential to life, to give and to receive too. These little things every day that we don't watch enough, these days that pass in the sweetness of a daily life too often poorly looked at.

God, you have to appreciate every kiss from your child, every outstretched hand from your parent, every hug from a friend; let's never forget to take a few minutes to play a little more, never mind 9:10 a.m. at the office, read one more story, it's okay to fall asleep at 8:45 p.m., let's not forget, everything is fleeting, we don't never know enough.

Let's not wait for life to remind us of its fragility to cherish the scent of a neck, the caress of a love, the breath of a given kiss, let's cherish until we can no longer and say I love you until thirstier.

Kiss his children before closing the door, say I love you in the morning to be sure to have to repeat it in the evening, never get tired of a stolen look, a smile, a mischievous giggle from a rich complicity of the passing years.

To love wrinkles, to give of your time, to offer a meal, to love the passage of time because it is a luxury that some will never be able to afford, to see your children grow up and to be able to support our aging parents.

In a few days, on December 25, ask for forgiveness, grant your forgiveness and say I love you.
I wish you a merry christmas.

And you, what is your favorite song from the Creole company?