The broccoli cousin fractal

And who is Broccoli's cousin? Eh ? Hint: his last name is cabbage and his ancestry is cauliflower.
He, at least, doesn't have to simmer to say where he was born… so the cousin of broccoli that interests me today is this wonderful Romanesco: Romanesco cabbage.

Do you see what it is? This green cabbage, completely crazy, which has geometric shapes to make New York street maps pale.

Well Jean-Pierre, today is my guest whom I ask you to applaud very loudly, Chou Romanesco.
He's there ; he is watching us and we are going to do the same, because by laying our eyes on him, we could fall in love, without a doubt.

Romanesco is like that, and with him his geometric shapes, both poetic and mathematical, sometimes even bewitching and that's what I want to share with you today, the beauty of the gesture, the beauty of the fractal.

Say Duchess, what is a fractal?
Well, it's nothing but a geometric shape that is reproduced ad infinitum from largest to smallest and from smallest to largest.

Oulalala… But yes! Fractals are everywhere in our life and they are all prettier than the other.
So first the romanesco fractal, but also the cauliflower fractal because if you look closely, the overall shape of the cabbage is repeated at the branch level, then at the leaf level and so on until let the smallest scale be a tiny cauliflower itself.

Hang on because so are clouds, snowflakes, mountains, river systems, blood vessels, but also tree branches, leaves, rock structures, lungs, or even feathers. birds…

What a marvel... So if you were bad at geometry at school, like me, take your revenge and a malicious pleasure, today an adult, to look at the beauty of nature in order to explain at your next dinner in city ​​where a broccoli will strut across your plate that it is ultimately nothing but an infinitely fragmented mathematical object that exhibits a similar structure on all arbitrarily chosen scales in a self-similar fashion.

Mother nature, I declare my love to you ❤️