The taste of the smell

You see these foreign films that always win the "Un certain regard" prize at Cannes or "The Silver Bear" in Berlin... must be said that already the name of the category, "Un certain regard", says a lot on the candidates. Let's move on, that's not the point.

So you see these films that are always directed by a Peruvian or a Korean, with completely improbable titles “The cherry on a bike”, “The kite boy” or “The taste of purple papaya”… To these films, I have to recognize one thing, the gift of putting your finger on links, to say the least unexpected. This is how my brain retained a notion inspired by a Swedish director a long time ago, that of the “taste of smell”.

It's pretty, don't you think: the taste of the smell? So I wanted to talk to you about that: the taste of the smell. Do you see what I'm talking about.

Let's try. Have you ever found that sausage can sometimes taste like the smell of the undersides of dogs paws? This warm side, pleasant, but which still stinks a little… You see?
Another to reinforce my point. Certain hamburgers, or other fatty products, which may taste like petroleum; or even papaya which tastes like the smell of vomit, or lychee which can taste like the smell of soap… Does that speak to you?

So, this feeling of eating an olfactory memory; this pleasure of tasting a recorded smell, is a chance that our brain offers us to be able to link the useful to the pleasant with two sensations that decide to echo each other. Take advantage, good people, of the tastes of sausages with the smell of dog paws, and to celebrate this, come and discover on the bear sausage from an incredible Slovenian supplier who assumes that he doesn't smell like a dog… him!!

Do you have a strong memory of a taste of smell?