Ups and downs

Who hasn't heard their father or mother talk about downstrokes and downstrokes? This way of learning to write which seems to us today from another time, obsolete and almost antiquated which consisted in learning handwriting by respecting the thickest line of a letter: the full and the thickest line end, the hairline.

I challenge us today to even know how to manage the ink of a feather on a sheet with the aim of respecting a certain calligraphy.

It's pretty old-fashioned isn't it, to imagine that the letters must be solid on one side certainly in order to loosen up on the other...probably something other than the inclusive writing of the letters and the dots which punctuates…

In this back to school, let's think back to our slightly clumsy hands which after the summer holidays take a few days to regain their agility and for the more daring, take a notebook, arm yourself with a pen and feel the pleasure again time, imposed by the hand that writes slowly, to find the words, compose your ideas and imagine a joyful return to school.