Mardi gras don't go away

Disguised as a pub from the 80s “ A march and it starts again ”; in Ridley Scott's film " Alone on Mars " ; or Tim Burton's “ Mars Attack ”; as a delicious old-fashioned proverb “ When March disguises itself as summer, April puts on its furry clothes ”; in David Bowie's wonderful song “ Life on Mars ”; as hit singer “ Bruno Mars ”; in God of war; in red planet; whatever its form or its interpretations, march showers and against everything. March is all that but also Candlemas and Mardi Gras.

And there, I'm asking you: let those who know the difference between Candlemas and Mardi Gras raise their hands, there, right away, even at the office, we're going there we dare... but who knows that? Nobody…or else I want names…Here we are, explanations. Two Christian holidays, two occasions to eat pancakes but not for the same reasons.

La Chandeleur, which has already allowed you to take out the little round frying pan and say without feeling guilty “ No, my heart, we're going to put melted dark chocolate instead, it's better for your health than Nutella ”; Candlemas is therefore a feast with a fixed date, which closes the 40 days after Christmas, when Jesus was presented in the Temple. To accompany his presentation, a corridor of candles – hence the name – was erected and to congratulate the pilgrims for having come to Rome, the pope would have offered them pancakes…yeah…today I can't see Francis very well use Francine…but let's admit.

Mardi gras on his side, is not on a fixed date since it is not linked to Christmas, but linked to Easter and it arrives at the end of the seven fat days. This evocatively named week, where anything goes, ends on the eve of Ash Wednesday; we had to finish all that we had good and fat before starting the forty days of fasting – period of Lent – ​​which precedes Easter…

I don't think we've ever been so informed. Candlemas or Mardi Gras, here we are now ready to cook and enjoy pancakes whatever you want because as long as there is dough, as long as there is sugar….you will never be able to you are in the wrong establishment….