Pleasure to give, joy to receive

A clue slips under the screen for the viewers… top, let's go.

In embryo since 2016, I was born to a businesswoman mother, daughter of artists who decided to no longer let her creativity be thwarted by Excel spreadsheets; I have no declared father, probably too many inspiring men have participated in my gestation;

I am a digital platform or rather a market place, which brings together within it the fruit of an eclectic and essential curation;

i'm the place to find bear salami, a picture to hang in your kitchen of a buddha's hand, a satin cake topper lure, a pot kit that won't snag, a super knife that cut or a summer coated tablecloth – all supervised by Maryse and Jean-Pierre without being a teleshopping – and I allow you twice a month to come and meet the greatest professionals in the food and hand trades for tasty tastings and educational;

I am accessible to everyone and sharp for everyone, taking your hand to guide you in a certain love of beauty; I am unbridled creative and I like to walk off the beaten track;

I come to meet you every week with a chronicle of my mother who decided for the occasion to become a Duchess in this, I am the reflex that you will take to learn what a kakemphaton or other subject is ascension and I will also come back every fortnight to present new finds that you can buy online;

I am brought up with good grain and good taste by a motivated, joyful and courageous team, I am the meeting of all that is beautiful and good for the kitchen and the table; a friendly and fun e-concept store; that's it you see me, I'm brand new and beautiful, revamped for the summer...I am, I am...