What do we do with kakemphaton?

If you only knew how much I enjoy telling myself that tonight, you will be several thousand going to bed knowing what a kakemphaton is.

Of course, without reusing the term in social dinners, I have little hope that you will have retained the word in the days to come; but what does it matter, just the idea of ​​knowing that at the end of these lines you will have become acquainted with one of the subtleties of the French language which has changed my daily life already puts lip balm in my heart.

Dumb version I could tell you that the kakemphaton is a homophone which can be synonymous with a pun, and there I would have lost everyone; girl's next door version, I explain to you that the kakemphaton is a word that can be heard in two ways when pronounced aloud and that means two different things.

Immediate illustration: rainy wedding and older wedding. It's magic isn't it. In this regard, I take this opportunity to effectively affirm to you that this expression is indeed "Older marriage, happy marriage", that it has never had any appeal to the rain - no offense to those who have not had luck – and that it is our rascal kakemphaton who has hijacked it over the years.

Now you will see, the kakemphatons are everywhere, every day that passes you will meet some for those who will want to listen to them. For those who would like some more proof, I leave the place to this dear Corneille, a great lover of the formula which offers us "His skull was open..." and especially his sublime "(...) the same ardor burns me and the desire increases when the facts recede”.

You will obviously find many others, you no longer need me, but the best will undoubtedly be those who will come to meet you.