Raël or the web evangelist

When I was little, in economics class, I remember our teacher who told us that very probably a large number of us would be in jobs in ten or fifteen years that did not yet exist today.

Isn't it strange as a concept to explain to teenagers that it's quite useless to project oneself into a profession, if the profession still remains to be created... In parallel with that, I also remember, Roland Moreno, the inventor of the smart card to explain to me that growth was exponential and that the more we were going to invent, the more we were going to invent... it therefore becomes logical to create new professions with the exponential evolution of technologies and more generally of the creations of our companies.

So today, we can dream of everything and especially of these newly created professions, which inspire as much as they can make people smile.

I quote out of order, "manager of an e-sports team": there we project ourselves, we have guys in a room, in jeans, maybe not even athletic for two rounds, in front of computers and the manager who trains them “come on… let’s go guys, let’s warm up our thumbs… come on… come on… yeah… baskets… three points…”.

I also quote “hapiness officer”: there too we project ourselves, “are you okay? you're happy ? » and the recommendations that follow the interview « we should install a pinball machine… we should be able to go to a seminar in Corsica to go canyoning and maintain good team cohesion…. “…hmmm.

Finally, I quote “web evengelist”; I particularly adore this one. It's a bit like the 21st century replacement for Raël, or our dear Gilbert Bourdin… (note: self-proclaimed universal guru, founder of aumism around the 90's). he is there to evangelize a website and therefore bring the good news of a brand, a technology or a website… Luc, Marc and Matthieu just have to watch out!!!

You will notice that I have not been looking at tik-tokers, youtubers or other influencers, these professions are already recognized today as new doctors, lawyers or other workers.

Me when I was little, I had no idea what I was going to do and no one had spoken to me about being able to become a Duchess… so see, the most important thing is still to invent your life!!!