Did you watch Knights of the Zodiac? I loved this cartoon so much. My favorite was Shiryu, the knight of the dragon, I found him so handsome with his long purple hair, I had the balls when he became blind, but even handicapped, he was too strong.

On this September 14, we celebrate the sign of the virgin, Shaka who was his incarnation in the cartoon, golden knight. Thinking back to Shiryu and the zodiac, I wanted to say a word about Virgo.

I'm not going to tell you about the characteristics of the sign, you have other sources for that, but I'm going to enlighten you on the fact that Virgo is the last of the earth signs and that as such, it comes complete the cycle started in Taurus.

Thus, astrology teaches us that Taurus begins and sows, Virgo pursues, arranges and harvests, before arriving at Capricorn, a sign of maturation which makes good use of it. It is therefore time to reap what has been sown and this is what the virgin does, who, at the gates of autumn, gathers, sorts and lists in anticipation of winter.

So to celebrate the Virgin, don't hesitate to take advantage of September to classify, tidy up and organize this new school year which is starting while obviously not forgetting to listen to Bernard Minet again!!