Tap next to hearing

When I was little, I already listened to a lot of music, I sang in yogurt, in homage to my friend, Jean-Michel Apeuprès and without embarrassment - what a beauty this new noun -, I sang at the top of my voice, sometimes whatever.

Since I wrote the Chronicles, I feel less alone, with the taste of the smell for example, I was happy to know that there were other people who understood that papaya tasted like smell of vomit. So to reassure myself again, I'm going to try this week to see if you too understood backwards when you were little… I'm starting.

I detail three crucial steps in the maturation process.

1/ First there is the proud listening and understanding of beginnings. In the 80s there was this ad “Eat the banana from both ends” to show that the fruit was good from one end and the other… well, I understood “Eat the banana! Speak standing up”. No comment. There was also the "Hollywood chewing-gum" ad with young people rafting down the river, they said "We'll take one, hollywood chewing-gum" and there, I understood "a little bit of chewing-gum" gum”… It doesn't make sense, “we take one, a little bit of chewing-gum”. No comment either. And then finally, this song, YMCA, where I was convinced that the group proclaimed loud and clear the name of the singer “William Siyé”.
So there is this first step, that of understanding.

2/ Then comes that of discovery and humor. One evening, one day, at the turn of an inevitably unexpected moment, we understand, often bewildered, that we have not understood anything for years. We understand that bananas are eaten sitting down, that chewing gum is eaten whole and that William Siyé, with great regret, does not exist.

3/ Then finally comes this last stage, that of rectification, often anonymous and silent. This moment of loneliness when we understood that we understood nothing and where, intimately, we rectify for ourselves of course, but also a little for the collective well-being...

So good people, if you too have missed your hearing, don't hesitate to tell me, I will be very happy to form a small group of friends...