Middle Earth

A short time ago my mother had trouble tying her shoes so I bent down to help her and luckily I did this again the next day for my child who did not yet know how to tie his shoes. laces.

Like Tolkien, I wanted to share with you this feeling that life offers us for a time of being in middle earth. Pay attention then, to these blessed moments, perfect opportunities to be able to give back all that we could take.

When the parent's reading becomes hesitant because the letters are fuzzy, when the child's reading is still hesitant because the letters are unknown, let's lend our still good eyes to read and decipher; when the parent's walk becomes shaky because the muscles are eroding, when the child's walk is still shaky because the steps are not sure, let us lend our hand to support and accompany; when the parent's memory can become fleeting because time and the years pass slowly, when the child's memory is still fleeting because learning is in progress, let us lend our ability to find the words and propose the formulas;

when the parent's anguish is felt in the face of the passing years, when the child's anguish manifests itself in the face of absence, let us lend our trust and guarantee a certain security.

When old age demands what youth demands, let us be present, as a parent, as a child. This dual position, ephemeral for sure, is a gift given to us to be able to feel a transversal love, that of being able to love and protect in turn.

Being in middle earth is that, becoming an adult is probably that too, loving your child as his parent, accepting to feel all the tenderness present and finally telling yourself that it's time to give back everything you have. could take.