Summer is here

On this day of Wednesday, August 17, closest to the bridge of the assumption ... that's where I see those who followed or not. So on this summer Wednesday, we can't sing anything other than “it's summer” and it's on this day that I bet I'll find the most of you on vacation.

Vacations, paid vacations, recuperation days, unpaid leave, public holidays… whatever the formula chosen, it is good form to languish and decide to do nothing. To greet summer is like this; do nothing and get tired of it.

Get up earlier considering that you are still tired without being able to go back to sleep; lunch at 3 p.m. under the arbor with a tomato mozzarella while discussing the best burrata tasted; watching kids jump for hours in the pool and drag them out when their lips look like Smurfs; read the latest Dicker or Levy or Baruch Spinoza for the more adventurous;

having sex in the afternoon and realizing that we had forgotten the 4 p.m. time slot; go to the kitchen, cut peaches into quarters and mix them with fresh verbena; hang out at the beach until the sun slowly goes away; come home for an aperitif and go to bed thinking that tomorrow will still be a day of nothing.

Take advantage of this summer to do whatever you want and above all don't forget to rediscover the pleasure… of nothing.