Menton lemon

Tastes and colors are not alike… And yet, sometimes, a taste calls for a color and vice versa. We called on Didier Michel, plastic chromatician, who proposes to sift through his sense of smell and his taste of a gastronomic product. This specialist in color harmony is thus able to draw up a chromatic map to show, feel and understand the world of aromas and taste. The color of taste.

Text: Didier Michel


The chromatic map of the Menton lemon

ON THE NOSE: On the 1st nose, an overall scent of fairly lively fresh lemon juice, complemented by notes of bergamot and young citron giving it an elegant vegan personality marked by the fine and airy expression of its essential oils.
On the 2nd nose, close to the juicy grains and the thick, matte and spongy skin, tender notes of jasmine lemon blossom with an exotic tendency, evoking tuberose and dew, evolving towards a hazelnut butter that is both subtly honeyed and very slightly iodized.
On the 3rd nose, at the heart of the fruit, in its deep center, a note of fresh pip bitterness, complemented by intense vegetable aromas, almost peppery and refreshing, close to chlorophyll, basil and wild lemon balm.

IN THE MOUTH: A nice taste of lemon with soft acidity, rounded off by a finely sweet hint, and a texture of crunchy honeycombed juicy grains, exploding under the greediness of the teeth.
If the persistence of the flavors is long, this one delivers in its entirety, a solar harmony perfumed, refined, distinguished, turned at the same time towards the East and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The perfect expression of its Mediterranean territory.