red radish

Tastes and colors are not alike… And yet, sometimes, a taste calls for a color and vice versa. We called on Didier Michel, plastic chromatician, who proposes to sift through his sense of smell and his taste of a gastronomic product. This specialist in color harmony is thus able to draw up a chromatic map to show, feel and understand the world of aromas and taste. The color of taste.

Text: Didier Michel
Photo: Philippe Vaurès Santamaria


ON THE NOSE: On the 1st nose, notes of sandy limestone earth, refreshing, slightly spicy and humid, evoking the scent of an airy cellar.

In the 2nd nose, scents of tender stem sap, very sweet chlorophyll, surmounted by a vegetal note of tender leaves, more muted, close to that of cabbage, with a hint of vanilla.

On the 3rd nose, wet mineral tones. Those of the mist of a torrent wiping away the stones. They invigorate the raw earthy notes by making them evolve into soggy clay.


The very peppery material is firm, crunchy, crunchy, resistant to chewing, but tender at the same time when biting into it. Then, while invading the palate, it is softened by a slight bitterness with the taste of white turnip, absorbing and calming the spiciness.

IN SYNTHESIS: A sensation of the beginning of spring reminiscent of the cold and earthy humidity of winter, but with a discreet, invigorating and vitaminized vegetal approach rising to spice.