Me, Oyster

Milouin invites the new protagonist of your “Me, product” section. A playful text in which a product or a living material is told in the first person in an impertinent, funny and poetic tone. Me, product.

Small shell which, in its natural state, lives clinging to a rock in almost all the seas of the globe, I am so appreciated that they have created large breeding grounds for me, so that I can m to flourish quietly under the attentive and professional eye of my oyster farmer who, thanks to different production methods, makes me one of the finest and most delicate dishes of our dear French gastronomy.
And even if France is not the world's leading producer, it is number one on the podium in Europe because, yes, it is in our dear country that the best oysters are raised. It is the quality of the waters of my different regions of development that gives me its very special characteristics: Brittany, Normandy, New Aquitaine and its Marennes Oléron, IGP please. This explains why France is the world's leading consumer of oysters.
Hollow or flat, raw or cooked, fine de claire or special, I am your best ally for three-star end-of-year celebrations, but real gourmets will simply consume me with a little white wine as an aperitif as soon as possible. So yes… I am a mollusc, and you have to eat it alive, a guarantee of quality and freshness, but despite everything, a Dutch company was able to see in me the pearl of the decorative object.
Even more, Zeeuws Blauw Oesters transforms my shell into a real gem, hand-painted, each time with a unique creation. Which allows me to be tasted in these little masterpieces in some great restaurants.
In the end, I'm not doing so badly: not without delighting you with my sweet salty and iodized flavor, I also know how to look beautiful in my very pimped shell, thanks to the talent of inspired artists. So don't come and tell me that I'm closed like an oyster!
Text: Sonia Ben Abdeslem
Illustration: Pascal Drai