Me, nectar

Milouin invites the new protagonist of your "Me, product" section.
A playful text in which a product or a living material is told in the first person in an impertinent, funny and poetic tone. Me, product.

It is said that babies are born in cabbage but I am lucky enough to be secreted in the hollow of flowers in the form of a liquid, rich in water and sugar, which attracts foodies: certain birds, small mammals or even insects like the butterfly. They tickle me, consume me, feast on my sweet taste.

I am essential to all this little world but above all I remain essential to my friend the bee. She does not haunt me by chance. This hard worker comes to revel in my juice and then gently returns home to share it with her whole family and there are a lot of them! Thus, workers and ventilators will take care of me so that I lose all my water and that I am almost nothing more than sugar. And as they are real gourmets, they go so far as to store me in small cells away from any risk of humidity.

It is then that the magic of Mother Nature operates... And when the hand of man comes to get me, flows between his fingers this substance, liquid gold, whose properties are multiple and are no longer to be proven, a product exceptional: the honey. I must admit that our duo is the nectar plus ultra.

And then, I still have a dream life: a magnificent birthplace with parents who made me sweet, tender, delicious, I travel a lot thanks to my friend the bee, I hold an important place in the world of Nature, because necessary for the development of flowers and in addition I contribute to the creation of honey whose benefits are eternal. They didn't call me the beverage of the ancient gods for nothing...
Text: Sonia Ben Abdeslem
Illustration: Pascal Drai