Me lead

Milouin invites the new protagonist of your “Me, product” section. A playful text in which a product or a living material is told in the first person in an impertinent, funny and poetic tone. Me, product.
I prefer to warn you, I am at first sight a boring, sad and even dangerous product. A greyish heavy metal, I am naturally present in the earth's crust, but nowadays I can be found everywhere: in the air, water and even food.

With all this, it's hard to believe that I can contribute to the manufacture of one of the most noble materials there is: crystal. So don't be fooled by appearances. Despite my dull appearance, thanks to the excellent know-how of glass craftsmen, my potential has been highlighted in the creation of exceptional pieces from the highly recognized French crystal factory.

How is it possible ? I have this particularity to be able to make the crystal as malleable as me, which facilitates its work. But even more, I increase its radiance with this famous "rainbow" effect which appears as soon as the sunlight passes through it and gives it this characteristic luminosity. And besides this unique brilliance, I even give it its name because if this luxury material is so named, it is only because it is made up of at least 24% of me.

Another singularity that the crystal owes me and which is specific to it, is its very particular sound. So don't try to break me at the sound of your voice, the greatest of singers wouldn't succeed because I make crystal less brittle and much more resistant than glass.

Thanks to very large houses with legendary talent, French crystal is recognized worldwide. Baccarat, Daum, Lalique... These institutions which are the pride of our gastronomic heritage by dressing the most beautiful tables of the great starred chefs with incomparable glassware but also by illuminating the decorations and adorning the greatest hotels with their most beautiful creations. and restaurants around the world.

When we now know what I was at the origin of when at the start I was only a small blackish pebble, I am still far from weighing down the atmosphere.
Text: Sonia Ben Abdeslem
Illustration: Pascal Drai