Me, candy apple

Milouin invites the new protagonist of your “Me, product” section. A playful text in which a product or a living material is told in the first person in an impertinent, funny and poetic tone. Me, product.

I am a very special fruit because I have been talking about me since the Creation of the world. The famous "forbidden fruit" that a certain couple of gourmands should not have tasted... Despite everything, I am to this day one of the most consumed fruits in the world, which is not nothing for a little round fruit like me.
But I have so many assets that, whatever form I adopt, I am a real taste success.
Part of my name makes up the name of Pomona, goddess of fruits, and the Latin etymology of my name means "fruit of a tree" or "pome fruit" and it is very precisely from the latter that everything goes. to start...
I come from the apple tree, a fruit tree which, in the spring, reveals pretty little white flowers with five petals slightly tinged with pink. Flowers which, when they are pollinated by our friends the bees, will make the fruit that I am. The ovules will then become the seeds, the famous apple pips and the pistil will turn into fruit that will be picked in the fall.
Excellent for health because rich in fiber and antioxidants, I am the best ally of your well-being. Besides, don't we say: "an apple every morning keeps the doctor away"! Doing good while having fun and finished the little health glitches! And there are many ways to taste me: raw or cooked, salty and very sweet, you will be forced to enjoy it.
It's not for nothing that I can be found everywhere... moreover at the moment, to celebrate your loved one, grab your beloved by the arm and go for a stroll in a carnival in crunchy in a beautiful toffee apple. Marcel Campion, king of the fairgrounds at the Jardin des Tuileries, will offer you this must-have at fairs where the juiciness of the fruit and the crunchiness of a thin layer of bright red caramel will give you the best of Valentine's Day.
Delicacy that will make you pass out… in the apples!
Text: Sonia Ben Abdeslem
Illustration: Pascal Drai