VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16

VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16
VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16

VOLANO - Flywheel slicer L16

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A hundred years after the interruption of its production, Berkel pays tribute to an extraordinary model, the most popular in the world. The mythical model L is still made entirely by hand today, perfectly respecting the historic design of majestic lines and precious details. Innovation has added the advantages of state-of-the-art solutions for safety and functionality. Volano L16, by its imposing dimensions and the precautions introduced in full compliance with the standard, is, in all respects, an ideal work of art for the most expert of professional uses.

In painted cast iron with details in chromed steel (such as the identification plate with the serial number, a detail suitable for the most exclusive works of art) the L16 is the celebration of excellence, an expression of the most refined Made in Italy .
In the classic Berkel red color and accompanied, on request, by the base in the characteristic shade, the new steering wheel trimmer L16 interprets the Berkel style in a contemporary spirit: reduced shapes and dimensions, precious materials, refined finishes and ever more efficient features. In search of perfection, Berkel knows that avant-garde lies in the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation: only in this way can the charm of an icon be perpetuated, the strength of a myth.

Some details may differ from those shown in the photo.


  • Reproduction of the legendary L model of the 900
  • Constructed of painted cast iron with chrome steel details
  • Berkel steering wheel with chrome steel rim, traditional wooden handle and embossed gold markings to show off the varnished parts
  • 350 mm diameter 100cr6 chrome steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and guarantees perfect slices.
  • Fast forward and reverse system for food plates combined with a manual millimeter knob for perfect product positioning
  • Food plate supported by 4 large wheels for better stability during its movement which is driven by an inner plate and guided by a skate
  • Rails for bakelite food plates
  • Classic Berkel design of the tower, combining elegance and robust design
  • Gold-coloured decorations to highlight the varnished pieces
  • Integrated rifle with exposed chrome finishes
  • Gauge plate opening button to adjust slice thickness from 0mm to 2.7mm
  • Very fine residual product to minimize material wastage
  • Chrome steel deflector for better slice disposal
  • Serial number nameplate


  • Weight: 105kg
  • Blade diameter: 350mm
  • Blade material: 100cr6
  • Cutting thickness: 0 - 4 mm
  • Cutting capacity (circular): 210 mm
  • Cutting capacity (rectangular): 260x200 mm
  • Details: Cast iron machine body
  • Removable parts: Slice deflector; Recovery tray; Food tray
  • Sharpener: included, with a single movement

Après plus de 100 ans d'histoire, le nom Berkel est encore synonyme de perfection, de fiabilité, d'innovation et de durée dans le temps. Un ensemble de valeurs transmis avec orgueil et partagé chaque jour par ceux qui entrent dans ce monde. Parce que Berkel n'est pas seulement une marque, mais un style de vie, une passion. Berkel représente le dévouement à l'élégance et à la qualité. Berkel est l'amour des belles choses, des choses uniques. La recherche de la perfection se traduit en un soin maniaque du détail, qui peut être réalisé uniquement grâce à une production encore aujourd'hui entièrement artisanale. La technique mécanique de très grande précision exalte la qualité du produit coupé et se fond avec la beauté et l'extraordinaire présence scénique des trancheuses à jambon Berkel.

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