CORDS BOX - Jewels

CORDS BOX - Jewels
CORDS BOX - Jewels
CORDS BOX - Jewels
CORDS BOX - Jewels

CORDS BOX - Jewels

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Precious ornaments for beautiful bottles. Matte pink, matte silver and matte gold, the Les Bijoux boxed pouch contains six tools that are as useful as they are elegant.
Jewelery of quality, the refined shapes and the ideal weight of the three jeweled plugs allow a pleasant grip as well as use without forcing. The three memory metal rings with absorbent felt clip onto the neck and discreetly absorb the drops of wine.

Gestures are fluid, assured, graceful.

The six jewels are presented in a double calfskin pouch; responsible leather tanned in Italy. The exterior leather of the pouch is supple, sensual while the interior leather is technical to avoid wine stains.

Enthusiasts will be able to slip business cards, wine labels or even small thank you notes into a secret hand-stitched pocket.

3 anti-drip rings of rare elegance
Inspired by bespoke jeweller's creations, the three anti-drip rings in pink, silver or gold colored shape memory metal have been designed to highlight the neck of the wine bottles they cover, but not only . Fitted with absorbent felt on the inside, they clip onto the neck and discreetly absorb the drops of wine to guarantee perfect service, without dripping.

3 storage caps honoring each tasting
Instead of the cork stopper, each conservation stopper crowns its glass bottle like a tiara. With a refined and ergonomic curve, these three jewel caps allow optimal grip by the thumb and index finger. With ease and fluidity, they invite you to prolong the tasting of an open bottle of wine, which it has never been so easy to cork and uncork.

Je n’aime pas l’idée de me dire qu’il y a un sexe aux produits et que ceux qui seraient dédiés à l’art de la dégustation et de l’appréciation du vin seraient plutôt masculins ; pourtant, force est de constater que l’atelier du vin plaît surtout… aux hommes. Chacun de leur produit est pratique, bien étudié et efficace et je suis sûre que si les femmes s’y mettaient, elles adoreraient aussi. J’affectionne particulièrement leurs beaux tire-bouchons et des accessoires plus inattendus comme l’indicateur de bulles…toujours utile un lendemain de soirée arrosée de champagnes…

Délai d’expédition : 2 à 3 jours ouvrés
Frais de livraison : 8€
Livraison offerte dès 99€ d’achat chez L’Atelier du Vin

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