TOMATO SAUCE - Black old variety from Crimea (organic)

TOMATO SAUCE - Black old variety from Crimea (organic)

TOMATO SAUCE - Black old variety from Crimea (organic)

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Heirloom tomatoes loaded with taste and nutrients! It is the carefully selected tomato variety (population tomato, non-F1 hybrid) that gives the intense taste of this tomato sauce and its nutritional load. Their farming method is organic. Cooked in an artisanal way, the recipe is family-friendly, simple and made from natural ingredients. 98% of the ingredients are of French origin.
Variety: Black Crimean

Net weight: 250g

Usage tips :
Delicious culinary accompaniment for pasta, rice, risottos, soups, vegetables, pie bases, pizzas, meat and fish or simply to spread on a piece of bread and a slice of country ham.

Taste :
Tasty and fruity. Impression of freshness. Brown red color. Marked presence of olive oil with a subtle taste (floral notes) and a hint of garlic.

Cooked in an artisanal way in an organic Gers workshop, the recipe for this tomato sauce is family-friendly, simple and natural. It enhances the taste of the different varieties of selected tomatoes. The tomatoes are implemented whole (the skin concentrates the nutrients). The cooking is slow to concentrate the taste. To preserve its flavor, this tomato sauce is pasteurized.

100% natural: The ingredients of the tomato sauce are natural. Tomatoes are processed fresh, ripe after harvest, olive oil is extra virgin and cold extracted, garlic is dried, peeled and washed without preservatives, cane sugar is unrefined and fair trade (0, 23%), Guérande salt is labeled Nature and Progress. No preservative or coloring is added to the recipe.

Origin :
Origin France. 98% of the ingredients are of French origin and primarily from the South of France. The tomatoes are grown in the Gers and the olive oil comes from the Vallée des Baux. The heirloom tomato seeds, selected naturally, come from seed artisans located in the south of France. The organic processing workshop is located in the Gers. All the players from the seed, from the crop to the product are selected as a priority on a delimited territory (the South of France)

Ingredients :
Old variety black Crimean tomatoes*, extra virgin olive oil*, garlic*, fair trade unrefined cane sugar 0.23%*, Guérande Nature et Progrès salt.
*ingredients from organic farming

J’adore Variette et je suis très heureuse qu’il nous ait rejoint. J’aime surtout leur sauce tomate ; car la sauce tomate c’est pas un terme générique, mais bien un travail d’assemblage de différentes tomates… Je vous invite à aller rencontrer Variette, leur façon de travailler et comprendre ce qu’est une bonne sauce tomate. 

Livraison en 2 à 3 jours ouvrés par GLS/Chronopost en France métropolitaine.

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